Creating a unique children’s room


Setting up a children’s room nowadays involves much more than just practical matters. A children's room should look hip and preferably according to the latest trends. Are you thinking about creating a kids collection? Discover in this article the benefits of our children’s mats!

One of the simplest mood makers in interior design is a carpet. It brings colour, softness and cosiness and completes every kids room. But it has even more benefits which can be found below:

Creating a unique children’s room


The benefits of a children's mat


Before a baby takes its first steps, it starts rolling and crawling. It is nice if he can do this on a soft surface. A deep-pile carpet in the baby room is therefore the most suitable, so they can roll, crawl and lie on it as much as they want.

Play carpet

A carpet in the children's room can also be used as a play carpet, so it has a dual function. In addition, it is safe to let children play on soft surfaces. The anti-slip layer at the bottom ensures that the mat always stays in place while playing. 


Hygiene is also an important aspect in the baby or children's room. A big advantage of our mats is that they are all washable at 30 °, so any children's mat can be kept clean easily! 


A colourful carpet with fun patterns or drawings stimulates the imagination of children. An imaginative room ensures that children can develop creativity and can dream about an own fantasy world.


Are you considering developing a kids' collection yourself? Below you can find some inspiration!

Creating a unique children’s room

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