Celebrate mother’s day with the perfect gift: vinyl mats


We all have a place in the house that can use some extra colour or character. Our vinyl mat is an easy alternative to turn a dull room into a visual attractive place where it’s pleasant to stay.

Our D\VINE quality can be printed with all kinds of designs. Go for an authentic look thanks to our charming tile patterns. Or what about an industrial look? Our concrete and other structures provide extra dynamics in the house. Or do you rather prefer an abstract look? Geometric patterns are trending in 2018. Our designers are more than happy to help you assembling the perfect collection.


Create an authentic look with our D\VINE quality
Create an industrial look with our D\VINE quality
Create an abstract look with the vinyl mat


In addition to the attractive design, our vinyl mat is also practical. First of all, it’s easy to clean: a bit of water and a cloth is all it takes to remove stains and dust in no time. This makes the mat also very hygienic. Our vinyl mats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and they are highly wear-resistant. Our mats fit in a lot of different spaces from the kitchen to the dining room or even the balcony. And last but not least, our vinyl mats are appropriate for underfloor heating.


Give your customers the possibility of a beautiful and original gift for Mother's Day on Sunday, 13 May. Our vinyl mat is innovative, trendy and user-friendly. A must-have item in every store!


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Do you have a question about our D\VINE quality? Don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail sales@empire.be. We look forward hearing from you.